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Hi, my name is Kris Wilmshurst. I’m a freelance web designer from Auckland, NZ and I like to make websites that wow! I’ve been designing websites since the late 90’s. Back then I had more hair and less skills. Today, I have more skills and less hair, but I put that down to loving a good design challenge — and fatherhood.

When I’m not designing websites, I’m either writing and recording music, or being a boxing bag for my two young boys. For the past several years I’ve also spent my time working in the software industry as part of a team working on a large scale web-based project. Working in this industry has allowed me to gain a lot of insight into search engine practices and I bring this knowledge to every web site I build.

Web design is my passion. I love the entire process and I take huge pride in every site I build. My goal is always to give each and every client the time and support they deserve, ensuring that they’re 100% happy with their site, and that they’ll remain happy with it as we grow it together into the future.

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